Be Brave Alumni

"Be Brave was the perfect blend of nature and nurture - time away to recommit to my best self, to listen to my own wisdom, among a group of wonderful and very wise women."

M.L. Seattle

"The carefully executed exercises and mindfulness work was done with the utmost care and guidance by our four leaders.  I personally felt safe in these moments. I walked away with extreme satisfaction in how I fill this world, gaining thirty other sisters in the process."

S.P. Seattle

"I have found over many years of "retreating," that the real value of a retreat is not in the moments immediately after, but in the months (and even years) after.  I am pleased to share that the work we did and the actions I committed to have taken root."   C.M.  Seattle

C.M. Seattle

"I personally was grateful to make the time to reflect on what was working and not working in my life. I felt like I really listened and appreciated hearing the experiences of other women."

J.S. Friday Harbor

"Each of the leaders brought a unique strength to the retreat and I liked the way you so smoothly created flow and connectivity to your topics."

R.M. Seattle

"The group of women amazed me. Their willingness to open up and to hear my story made it rich, the direction of you four made it possible. The synergy of the four of you, coupled with the group you put together provided a richness beyond other retreats I have attended."

J.C. Bellevue

You all put together a truly memorable event-- The love, care and thought that you put into this was palpable."

A.S. Redmond