Foreseeing by Sharon Bryan

Middle age refers more to landscape than to time: it's as if you'd reached the top of a hill and could see all the way to the end of your life, so you know without a doubt that it has an end— not that it will have, but that it does have, if only in outline— so for the first time you can see your life whole, beginning and end not far from where you stand, the horizon in the distance— the view makes you weep, but it also has the beauty of symmetry, like the earth seen from space: you can't help but admire it from afar, especially now, while it's simple to re-enter whenever you choose, lying down in your life, waking up to it just as you always have— except that the details resonate by virtue of being contained, as your own words coming back to you define the landscape, remind you that it won't go on like this forever.